Project "New Ways"

"Project New Ways" is a research programme that evolved out of Sheik’s experience teaching children in Europe and Brazil during the past 10 years and which draws on research by Brazilian, Spanish, German, and Austrian educationalists.

The joint research program focusses on the following issues:
  • The difficulties that children experience in learning at school, especially a lack of interest.
  • The causes of a lack of interest among children?
  • The extent to which this is a phenomena of our time and to what extent it existed 30 years ago?
  • The role of a teacher? How can a teacher inspire pupils?
  • The nature of genuius. "To teach a genius is easy...."
  • The extent to which poor funding hampers a creative approach to teaching?
  • The functions of a school with regard to teachers?
  • The cost of good -- and bad -- education?
  • Whether parents, teachers and schools are committed to improving education?