Guitar - courses and workshops

Special guitar courses and workshops are given using a newly developed approach to teaching.

Basic class: for beginners who have had no or very little contact with the guitar.

Advanced class: for students who already have a good knowledge of the guitar and who want to improve or perfect their skills. Both courses involve one-to-one teaching in units of 60 minutes, thus allowing the teacher to analyse problems and offer immediate individual support to overcome difficulties and facilitate speedy progress.

Guitar seminar: Held in groups of 6 to 8 students and lasting 6 hours and 15 minutes. This course helps students deepen their knowledge of the guitar in a short time, and offers many helpful tips. On completion, students get a certificate.

This project combines individual instruction with general instruction on the guitar, (e.g. "what do I have to notice when I want to buy a good instrument?". Elements that are focussed on include a harmony, developing finer hearing, reading notes, accompaniment, rhythm, improvisation and arrangement in the different types of music such as blues, reggae, pop, rock, bossa nova and jazz,....